Founded as a manufacturer for shed roofs, Eberspächer keeps reinventing itself again and again. Next Shed is built upon this spirit. As the corporate business innovation arm of the Eberspächer group, we drive ideas and help intra- and entrepreneurs to bring them to life. Next Shed combines incubation with venture capital – the best of both at one place. Or as we say: the place 2B.



What interests you, fascinates you, motivates you? Choose from over 40 benefits at Next Shed to help your project succeed!

  • Know-how

    We offer the appropriate methods and techniques for every phase.

  • Market access

    We offer unique access to OEMs & the aftermarket

  • Short decision-making processes

    Next Shed works in close and direct collaboration with the Eberspächer Board of Management.

  • Ice-Lab

    Freeze anything you want at up to –40°C in our car-sized cold chambers.

  • Sound-Lab

    Whether it’s the sound of Beethoven or a vehicle engine, we listen carefully.

  • Engine-Lab

    Engine test stands where you can give it your all.

  • 100-G-Shake-Lab

    Wish to experience the force of gravity times 100? Welcome to the vibration testing laboratory!

  • Creative Software

    Everything to make your ideas more visible.

  • Market databases

    Pick up on trends and potential before your competitors do.

  • Prototyping workshops

    Build your first prototypes with us.

  • Make-and-Do workshops

    Take part in our hands-on workshops.

  • Expert talks

    Meet the experts who can bring your ideas to the next level.

  • Network

    Our global network stretches far beyond the automotive market.

  • Seed capital & additional funding

    Enjoy unique conditions in order to make your dream a reality.



  • Creation of sustainable mobility services in a globalized world
  • BEV, (P)HEV or FCEV – what does the future hold?
  • Will the car be replaced by passenger drones?


  • eMobility as a pioneering company of sustainable mobility
  • Shareconomy: share it, don’t own it
  • Higher standard of living thanks to zero waste


  • Greater comfort and convenience through smart devices
  • Autonomous driving will shape future mobility (e.g., when it comes to safety, traffic congestion, the “last mile”)

New services
and business

  • New technologies are turning existing business models upside down (e.g., AI, virtual reality, cloud computing)
  • Service economy with specific focus on comfort
  • Vehicle data for optimization of traffic situations

We’re taking the same path.

Shed roofs, sound absorbers, heating appliances and toys, medical kits and prostheses: Eberspächer was an expert at reinvention, before finally establishing itself as an international automotive supplier of catalytic converters, exhaust systems and air conditioning systems with 80 locations in 29 countries. And where will our journey with you take us?



We believe in the power of your ideas and want to know more. But who are we? A few introductions…

  • Edgar Müller

    VP Business Innovation

  • Soumaya Msalmi

    Business Development Manager

  • Madeleine Hiss


  • Cornelius Bubenzer

    Intrapreneur & PR

  • Michael Janke

    Incubator Program Manager

  • Felix Gärtner

    UX Designer

  • Carola Epple

    Innovation Manager

  • Martin Ziegler

    Electromobility Expert

Be part of it

Be part of the bigger picture!

We are looking for intra- and entrepreneurs, team players, hipsters, hustlers and hackers, experts and inventors!

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