Together with you, we create superb products, services, and companies: in the Next Shed Incubator!

Incubator Background

You will be the winner.

Corporate success is no coincidence, but results from a combination of the right idea, hard work, and consistent desire. We do our part to write your personal success story!

  • Teams

    We help you find the right team for your idea and supplement any lacking expertise.

  • Mentoring

    A mentor provides you and the team with individual support, bringing both experience and networking opportunities to the table.

  • Methods & Tools

    Effective lean start-up process with individual workshops, a method toolbox for every step and a fully equipped prototyping workshop.

  • Budget

    Freely available budget.

  • Management support

    Contact to top management, visibility, and feedback from the Innovation Council.


Rooms to grow

We provide uncomplicated access to fully equipped workshops, along with meeting rooms, creative work spaces, and chill-out areas, at our premises in Esslingen.


Digital Platform

With Digital Platform, the IoT foundation has been laid for easy integration of various services: from messaging services and identification management to extensive API interfaces. Digital platform offers third party providers and startups perfect access to the car.


Sandbox Stuttgart

Accelerator for media, design & software.


Be part of the bigger picture!

We are looking for intra- and entrepreneurs, team players, hipsters, hustlers and hackers, experts and inventors!

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Your Questions – our answers.

Yes and no. As a venture unit of the Eberspächer Group, we see ourselves as both a strategic partner and an investor. We go beyond shareholdings to cooperate with startups in the form of pilot projects, co-developments, license agreements and partnerships.


Your Questions – our answers.

  • What ideas is Next Shed looking for?

    We are looking for innovative and scalable business ideas that are within the scope of our defined central themes. This means we are not the right people for product improvement ideas, for example, or ideas for internal suggestion schemes.

  • Can I put forward my own business ideas to Next Shed?

    In principle, yes. We are always looking for people who are happy to pitch their ideas to the Innovation Council (which takes place every three to four months) – with the aim of advancing this idea themselves while part of a team.

  • What is involved in the incubator phase?

    Your venture team, comprising two to four people, first validates the business idea and presents the problem-solution fit. We provide support through mentoring and coaching, as well as budget made available to the team. Teams of Eberspächer employees work together with you on the idea one day a week over a period of three to four months. For external teams, an individual distribution of working hours is also possible.

  • Where does the Incubator program take place?

    Workshops, seminars and the like take place at the main Eberspächer plant in Esslingen am Neckar (Baden-Württemberg, Germany).

  • Will I be remunerated for my participation in the Incubator?

    Eberspächer employees continue to receive their usual salary during all phases of the Incubator. External participants receive additional funding during the incubation phase. Once your idea has been approved by the Innovation Council, you move on to the acceleration phase. As an award-winning employer, we offer flexible and very attractive opportunities for creating a win-win situation.

  • What does the acceleration phase involve?

    Your business idea is gathering pace. Your venture team works full-time for up to 18 months, quickly and efficiently developing an MVP (minimal viable product) which can be tested on potential customers. Preparations for the market launch are also made during this time.

  • Can I take part in the Incubator even if I don’t have an idea?

    Yes! We regularly organize ideation workshops where you have the opportunity to develop new ideas. Or you can join an existing venture team. Get in touch and we can explain more!

  • Who owns the rights to the results produced?

    The rights to the resulting work belong to Eberspächer. Once the acceleration phase has been successfully completed, interesting career perspectives at the company are an option, or a spin-off with company shares.

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