Inspiring EXPO DAY of STARTUP AUTOBAHN with Eberspächer as partner

Lots of concepts, technologies and innovations created a spirit of optimism among around 1200 participants of the EXPO DAY of STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play. The EXPO DAY, which took place for the seventh time in Stuttgart, brought together startups, leading companies, well-known speakers and high-level politicians and was the first event in which Eberspächer appeared as a partner of STARTUP AUTOBAHN. “I am convinced that we can achieve a lot in the future by cooperating with startups via Startup Autobahn“, says Heinrich Baumann, Managing Partner at Eberspächer about the partnership: " We strongly believe that the challenges our industry faces can hardly be solved by one company. ”Working together with startups, says Baumann, “really helps us to get access to new ideas, but also the way how young companies work helps us gaining new perspecitves.” 

The future of mobility as well as promising sustainable and climate-friendly business ideas were the main targets of the EXPO DAY, in which startups presented their pilot projects. But also topics such as “autonomous vehicles”, “futuristic in car materials” or “circular economy” were on the agenda. With events like the EXPO DAY, STARTUP AUTOBAHN does not only want to connect startups of all development stages with industry-leading corporate partners. Its main goal is futhermore finding marketable and production-ready solutions together with partners such as Eberspächer.