Next Shed Innovators’ Challenge

Update: Our Challenge has ended on October 25 but you're welcome to send us your idea via mail to nextshed@eberspaecher.com

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Next Shed, the incubator and venture arm of the Eberspächer Group, is an experienced partner to support students, graduates and professionals build a sustainable and profitable business.
Join our Innovators’ Challenge before October 25 and benefit from
·         Budget of up to 20.000€
·         Tools for validating and testing your idea
·         Space at the Eberspächer headquarter
·         Support to build your team
·         Individual support by experienced mentors
·         Access to Eberspächers’ Management Team

What is the challenge about?
We are looking for sustainable and potentially profitable solutions and systems for
·         Heating
·         Cooling
·         Air quality
for automotive, industrial and also private applications. This can be hardware, software or services.

Why should I join the challenge?
You should participate if
·         You want to validate your customers’ needs behind your
business idea
·         You need money to conduct customer or expert interviews
·         You need access to any special market data
·         You are ready to build your first prototype
·         You want to create a simulation

How does a successful application look like?
Describe your idea or project plan answering the questions:
·         Which value does my idea provide for your customer?
·         What do I want to achieve in the next three to six months?
·         How much budget do I need to make the next step?

Who can apply?
Ideally, you apply as a team of at least two people. However, we can also help you to build a team to make your business idea successful.

Where do I apply?
Fill out our registration application form here.

What is the timeline?
The final day to submit your idea is October 25, 2020.
Application deadline: October 25, 2020
Review of applications: October 30, 2020

Preparation & Business plan development: October 27 – November 25, 2020
Pitch to Innovation Council: November 26, 2020

Any other questions?

E-Mail us your questions and contact details at: nextshed@eberspaecher.com and we will make sure to come back to you as soon as possible.

And what’s next?

1.    Review: The team at Next Shed will review all ideas and select those that have the best potential to be turned into a sustainable and profitable business.
This will take only 5 days, before we will let you know if your business idea has passed the first review step.
2.    Preparation: If your idea has been approved, you will start to work on your pitch for November 26, 2020. The Next Shed team will support you fully to make you best prepared for your big day.
3.    Pitch day: On November 26, you will present your idea and business plan to the Innovation Council consisting of the Eberspächer Top Management.
4.    Kick-off: If your idea convinces the Innovation Council, you will pass to the incubation phase. This is the phase were you will get access to both financial support as well as guidance by a professional startup coach, the experienced team at Next Shed and their network to bring your idea to life.